Texas Tech beat Notre Dame yesterday after a game that had fans on the edge of their seat, landing Tech in the NCAA Sweet Sixteen once again. Tech fans are overjoyed to see our boys make it to the next round, and everyone in Lubbock was celebrating the win in their own way.

There is a trend currently going around on TikTok using a sound originally posted by user @kriptozavr. The audio is of someone making a disapproving sound that is sped up and then slowed down as it repeats. Many TikTokers have been using the sound to disprove rumors about themselves or otherwise deny something someone has said. In the true fashion of Raider Red being the TikTok pro he is, he used the sound perfectly.

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It seems like the use of this trend is going to be a continual thing through this tournament too. Raider Red used the same video and audio after our first win in the tournament on Friday as well. I love how Raider Red always keeps up with the latest trends. No matter what’s going on, he manages to tie in a viral trend or sound and use it in the best way.

We all know how amazing our team is, but not everyone agrees with us. Obviously, any team we play against wants to beat us, but just like we showed Notre Dame last night, we always prove just how great we really are. As Raider Red said in his caption, “the luck of the Irish wasn’t enough.”

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