Right after that record Mega Millions jackpot on March 30th, 37-year-old Mirlande Wilson of Westport, Maryland claimed she was a winner. And that she wouldn't be splitting the winnings with her McDonald's coworkers from her lotto pool.

Fortunately, we won't have to hear about five years worth of court cases on that.  Because it turns out she was CRAZY.

The Maryland lottery says the REAL winners came forward. And they're the EXACT people who you'd WANT to win the lottery. Other than yourself, of course.

They're three public school employees: a special ed teacher, an elementary school teacher, and an administrator. One is a woman in her 20s, one is a man in his 40s, and one is a woman in her 50s. The three of them have been friends for years.

They each put in $20 toward the Mega Millions with the record $656 MILLION jackpot...and bought 60 tickets at a 7-Eleven. They've had the ticket in a safe since they realized they won. After taxes, each one will take home $35 MILLION...and they'll all keep working.

Three winning tickets were sold in that Mega Millions drawing.  Besides the people in Maryland, an anonymous winner in Kansas has claimed their share of the jackpot, and the third winner in Illinois still hasn't come forward.

As for Mirlande...after the REAL winners came forward, she gave a very strange interview to RadarOnline.com.

When she was asked why she claimed she'd won, she said, quote, "I don't even know what happened, but everybody doesn't know what really happened.  If the money is for getting then I'm going to get it."  (???)