If you're into American Ninja Warrior, a great place to start your ninja journey is with the National Ninja League. This is a league for all ages to start competing on ninja courses like the TV show. And its coming this weekend to Obstacle Warrior Kids.

I'm a big fan of Obstacle Warrior Kids. I've taken my kids there multiple times already since they opened this summer. Its a great place for kids and parents to get some exercise and have fun at the same time. Plus they bring original and fun events for everybody to take part in, including this brand new league, happening this weekend the 6th and 7th.

American Ninja Warrior contestants Matthew Day, four-time veteran and national finalist Abel Gonzalez, and two-time national finalist Brian Burkhardt, will all be here this weekend for the National Ninja League. There are age groups for everybody from 6 all the way to 40+. So all people have a chance to compete with others at their similar level. Also the courses will be age appropriate too.

Go to this link to sign up, and check out the full press release fro Obstacle Warrior Kids.

Obstacle Warrior Kids Lubbock will be hosting its first National Ninja League qualifier competition on October 6 and 7th. That means anyone, and yes, we mean anyone from the ages of six and up can see if they have what it takes to be an American Ninja Warrior on an actual ninja course. Wait, what is National Ninja League? Competitors from the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior that wanted to take their talents beyond the big screen created National Ninja League. This league also opens up the ability for all ages to compete, since the show requires you to be at least 19 years or older. There are seven age divisions starting at 6-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-15, 16-17, 18-39, and 40 plus, which means that competitors will only be competing against someone within their own age group. Additionally competitors will get to compete on a course modified for their age, as in, we would not expect a six year old to make it up the 14ft. warped wall. On the day of the competition, all competitors will get one shot to run the course for their age group and those who go the furthest the fastest will determine scoring. The top three competitors from each age group will get prizes along with a qualifying spot in the national finals where hundreds of ninjas from across the country will compete to be titled the grand champion. Not to mention, there will be some familiar faces at this competition right here in Lubbock. This includes rookie sensation Matthew Day, four-time veteran and national finalist Abel Gonzalez, and two-time national finalist Brian Burkhardt. Sound like something you might be interested in, to sign up, go to owklbk.com and follow the National Ninja League tabs to register. Spots are limited and the date is fast approaching so you had better sign up quick.

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