I have a well-earned reputation as a destroyer of iPhones. I got the iPhone 5 when it came out and literally destroyed the screen less than 24-hours after I got it in the mail. I had to get the iPhone 5 because my old iPhone 4 was dropped in a toilet just a few days after I got it out of the shop for it's THIRD broken screen. See, I told you, I demolish phones on a very regular basis.

My friends know this and often make fun of me for it. One of them even paid $80 and bought me one of those LifeProof cases. That's the case that's 'guaranteed' to keep your phone from shattering. I shattered the screen less than two weeks after putting the LifeProof case on it.

One of my friends who makes fun of me for my luck with phones sent me a picture this morning of her BRAND NEW iPhone 6. She got it in the mail Friday...


Not to be mean or anything, but HAHAHAHA!

Be careful with your phones, folks!