The lamest football game of the year doesn't occur in Division 69 college ball...or even in the Arena Football League. It's an NFL game. We call it the Pro Bowl.  But it might just be a thing of the past.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN says the League is seriously considering getting rid of the game. They're so serious about it that there might not even be one next year.

He says, quote, "As one person told me last night, it is DOA, Dead on Arrival.

"At the same time, the league, I believe, will instruct teams to continue to put Pro Bowl incentives in contracts; if players have Pro Bowl incentives, to go ahead and pay them so they don't have a problem with the union."

Mortensen added that Commissioner Roger Goodell himself has declared the game, quote, "on life support."

Anybody out there NOT want to see the Pro Bowl disappear?  Feel free to leave a comment in the Facebook widget below.

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