As 'The Office' continues winding down in its final run of episodes toward the May 16 finale, its documentary format coming apart at the seams, a number of famous faces both old and new will continue to make their way through the halls of Dunder-Mifflin Scranton. The latest as we've learned is none other than 'The Sopranos' alum Christopher Michael Imperioli! Find out what might make Imperioli put the hurt on Dwight Schrute for the final 'Office' episodes inside!

Christopher Moltisanti might be dead and gone, but Michael Imperioli is alive and kicking in the final episodes of 'The Office,' and quite literally so. TVLine has revealed that the former 'Sopranos' star will guest in an upcoming episode in the role of Dwight Schrute's karate instructor Sensei Billy, who understandably has had enough of the overzealous office worker's presence in his dojo.

Whether of not Dwight leaves the dojo in disgrace or manages to earn his black-belt after all will certainly have an impact on the character's ultimate end, which recently began the trajectory toward what would have been a branch into now-defunct spin-off 'The Farm.' With Jim likely to leave Dunder-Miffilin altogether and Andy not faring so well either, could Dwight finally take charge elsewhere, or ascend the Dunder-Mifflin throne once and for all?

What say you? Are you excited Michael Imperioli will drop by 'The Office,' or would you rather see more familiar guest stars, like Steve Carell? Give us your 'Office' finale hopes in the comments!

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