Who can you really trust in this day and age?

I am a staunch backer of our men and women in blue. They put themselves in harm's way to keep our community safe, and unfortunately sometimes get a bad rap for reasons that are not at all their fault. Nothing makes their jobs tougher than when some criminal whack-a-doodle nutcase is running around acting like a police officer...with a diabolical plan to prey on peoples trust, or get their kicks somehow. It only makes the job of honest officers even harder, which is why Lubbock Police are now warning people about imposters.

Topher Covarrubio, NeverEnding Memories Photography.
Topher Covarrubio, NeverEnding Memories Photography.

As first reported by KLBK on Monday, Lubbock Police reminded citizens of what to do when they have an encounter with someone who may not be a legitimate sworn peace officer.

Lubbock Police Public Information Officer Allison Matherly reminded the public that compliance is key while still calling and asking for more information from dispatchers. Matherly continued that most impersonators will have done work to look the part, even down to wearing a badge, so knowing what an official Lubbock police badge looked like was important.

In addition, officers could be in plainclothes situations at times for a myriad of reasons. As she explained to KLBK,

“Something not many people realize is our detectives are not going to be in uniform if they are out maybe canvassing relating to a specific crime and going to different houses to see if someone knows anything.”

While authentic Lubbock Police uniforms are not easily accessible, criminals could certainly attempt to find something close, and then play "bad cop" with an unsuspecting victim.

Obviously, vigilance is paramount. And if you don't feel comfortable in your situation, it is perfectly acceptable to ask for another officer to come out as backup to verify that an actual officer in present.

Be vigilant, be safe, don't let criminals ruin the good name of our brave Lubbock officers.

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