The Silent Wings Museum is holding a model rocket workshop for kids 8 and up. You can build your own model rocket, paint it and decorate it, and yes even launch it.

Nothing gets kids more interested in science than exploding things. So this will educate your children, and they won't even know its happening.

This is a 2 part event with kids and parents building their model rockets on January 27th, and then launching them February 10th. Both days are Saturdays.

Kids 8 and up can participate, and kids younger than 10 need parental supervision. Here's more info for a fun couple of Saturdays at the Silent Wings Museum, a great place to take the kids!

Blast off into learning! Create and paint your own model rockets, then launch them into the sky in this two-part workshop. On January 27th, participants will build their own model rockets at the Silent Wings Museum. They will be able to cut and sand fins from balsa wood, paint the rocket, attach decals, and attach the parachute. 

On February 10th, participants will have the incredible experience of launching their handmade rocket into the sky! Ages eight and up are invited to participate (children under 10 will require parental supervision). Cost is $20. Pre-register by January, 23, 2018. For more information or to register, please call 806.775.3049.