Elton John says the title track off his new album, "The Diving Board", was written about Lindsay Lohan and Justin Bieber and other embattled child stars like them.

Elton tells "Event" magazine, "It's about Lindsay Lohan, Justin...all these kids who are out there now not knowing what the hell is going on.

"I hate to think of Lindsay because she had a talent, she was a great actress, and then it became all about the madness, the parties and everyone forgets about what put them there in the first place.

"They get lost in the idea that they are famous for who they are, not what they are.

"I feel sorry for these kids.  I was 23 when I got famous.  And I made every mistake in the book.  But whatever was going on, the drinking, the drugs, whatever, I was still making music, I kept making music and I never stopped."

The album comes out NEXT Tuesday, but it's streaming at Amazon.com.  "The Diving Board" is the final track.

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