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What kind of a world do we live in, when those who teach our children cannot be bothered to leave their gentle woodland homes? Or, have Suddenlink come out and wire the Sequoia that a teacher in the Pacific Northwest has turned into a condo...

This parent was a little shocked, when she got an email from her child's teacher, who had an unusual excuse for cancelling an online course.

From the email:


Hello, all!

I am currently living in the forest, and so when our power goes out, it is for most of the day. My internet (from a hotspot) is enough to respond to messages but not host live class.


Uhhhhh, what?

So, the teacher...whom I would assume has achieved some level of education in their own right, and certainly enough to be trusted with the future of the next generation...has decided to go all Grizzly Adams and remove themselves from civilization. Yet, somehow still thinking that they can function as a TEACHER via distance learning...when all they can do is send Tree-mail, and maybe post to "Pine-stagram".

I'm thinking maybe...juuuuuuust maybe, that this teacher should have realized when they went off to Sherwood Forest to fight the Sheriff Of Nottingham, that in order to do "virtual school" and "distance learning", that RELIABLE INTERNET, and CONTINUOUS POWER might not be a bad thing to be able to continue to enable young minds?

I'm shaking my head at how ridiculous this is, and how much I feel for those parents who have to deal with this. I also feel sorry for our "King Of the Interwebs", Justin...who has to put up with stupid questions from me, like this one, because of stories like this.

Image: Lance Ballance/Townsquare Media
Image: Lance Ballance/Townsquare Media

Yes, I asked that question. And, get paid handsomely to ask it.

I can hear some people saying, "well, maybe they want to love sustainably and set an example?" Well, okay. But, if that's the case...then they should find a career that more closely suits their given lifestyle choices, such as "Firewatcher". But, these are kids who need structure and focus. They need a teacher who can be there for them at all times. Oh, and mayyyyyyybe, if you can't get good internet to teach virtual school, maybe get back in the classroom and go old school. Get it? Old...SCHOOL?

Siiiigh, no one gets my humor. Maybe it's my edukayshun.

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