Uh-oh.  It's starting to look like that time!  We're only weeks away from October 14 and the third season premiere of AMC's zombie smash 'The Walking Dead,' which means that press screeners are on their way to critics (spoiler alert: we loved them), and AMC is gearing up for the release  with official episode descriptions of the first few weeks.   So with the official synopsis of 'The Walking Dead' season 3 premiere "Seed" hitting the web, what have we learned?

Lock up your loved ones, and re-stock your armories, 'The Walking Dead' is coming!  In advance of its October 14 premiere, the AMC hit has issued the first official synopsis for its season 3 opener "Seed," which paints a brief picture of the action we'll see, while leaving out a few things that have us curious.  See for yourself:

With the world growing increasingly more dangerous and Lori’s pregnancy advancing, Rick discovers a potentially safe haven. But first he must secure the premises, pushing his group to its limit.

We've surmised for ourselves that 'The Walking Dead' season 3 picks up some time after the events of 'The Walking Dead' season 2 finale "Beside the Dying Fire," given a few hairstyle changes and Lori's swelling belly, a fact confirmed by the description.  Naturally, we assume the "safe haven" to be the prison seen in promotional material everywhere, but what aren't we seeing?

No talk of Michonne, Andrea, The Governor, or even Merle?  Might that mean that we'll have to wait even longer to see the hotly-anticipated comic characters make their live action debut?  We've seen the first few episodes of the season, but we're not telling!

Tell us what you want ot see from 'The Walking Dead' season 3 in the comments, and who you think most deserves to end up as walker-bait!

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