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There are some well-known homes and landmarks in Lubbock that citizens enjoy seeing and taking pictures of. One of those is the smiling bush in central Lubbock at 58th and Indiana Avenue.

Depending on the week, holiday or season, the smiling bush is decorated in different ways. Alison Robinson began the tradition years ago in central Lubbock, and while she may have thought she was just having an impact on the area around the home, people from all over the city of Lubbock would drive by, take pictures, and share those pictures on social media spreading joy and laughter to so many.

On Wednesday, September 22nd, Alison Robinson passed away after battling cancer.

Tracy Moreno, the man who helped carry on the tradition of decorating Lubbock's most famous bush, took to Facebook to announce the passing of his friend and to tell citizens he will continue the tradition and Robinson began.

With a heavy heart, my friend Alison Robinson has passed away today. I would like for everyone that sees this post to say a prayer for her family and share the love we all had for her. I still plan to continue decorating the bush in her honor! She lost her battle to cancer but is no longer hurting and has been healed completely. Thank you Alison for being a great friend.

So far, more than 2,000 people have shared Moreno's post on Facebook, and over 200 have left comments with many posting comments of thankfulness for the tradition. Over the years, the bush has been decorated as Santa Claus, a mummy, a ninja turtle, a patriotic bush for July 4th, and, of course, a bush with a face mask on.

We're glad that Robinson's tradition will continue through Tracy Moreno as Lubbock's famous smiling bush has had a positive impact on many. Moreno has even created a fundraiser to help Robinson's family with funeral costs.

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