It's kind of annoying to walk into a bar these days and see EVERYONE sitting there texting.  No one's talking to friends. No one's hitting on anyone. They're just texting and occasionally drinking.

But there's a new invention in Brazil that's trying to change that and we hope it makes its way up here soon.

A bar called Salve Jorge Bar in Sao Paulo, Brazil is using new beer glasses that are MISSING a chunk off the base. So to keep the glass standing up, you have to slide your cell phone underneath it to prop it up.

That means you can either hold your drink and use your phone one-handed or put your drink and phone down to talk to other people.

So yeah, this is a million-dollar idea just waiting to be stolen. Except for the part where no one would actually use it, since they don't want to risk accidentally getting their phone wet.

Here's a photo of the glass:


And a video that gives you an even better look at how it works:

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