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There are places in the world that seem to thrive on drama. Fast food drive-thrus are one of those places.

Time and time again, we see stories of violence and wild behavior at the drive-thru. Whether it’s crazy people jumping through windows or impatient people trying to get their food, the stories generally revolve around customers and employees. 

Today, we have some drama between two customers. 

As previously reported on, a woman at the Popeyes located at 3rd and University dropped some money during an exchange with the employee at the window. She pulled forward to get out and look for the money, and that’s when the drama started. 

One of the cars behind her thought she should have pulled her vehicle out of the way to look for the money. The woman disagreed. An argument escalated until the woman allegedly said, "if he did not leave [her] alone, [she] was going to shoot him."

The fellow customer replied that he wasn't scared of her. 

This is where I have a little advice for the "friendliest city in America." People of Lubbock, if someone threatens to shoot you, leave them be. Just let them look for their cash or coins or two dollar bills blowing by in the breeze. Your chicken sandwich will still be at the window when you get there. 

The woman returned to her car and fired a warning shot into the air before leaving.

Based on KAMC's reporting, no injuries were reported and no arrests were made.

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