I take a LOT of pride in my home, as I'm sure you do too. I'm betting you don't live in a $1,800,000 home though. I know I don't. But my much less expensive house doesn't have half the problems this place does!

I was browsing Reddit (as I do most of the time) and I came across the r/ThereWasAnAttempt subreddit, which is one of my favorites. They describe the subreddit as 'where all the attempts happen' and the key word here is 'attempt' because it's just page after page of spectacular failures.

Like this home... (WARNING: Some naughty NSFW language!)

To build a house worth $1.8 million
byu/XanaxWarriorPrincess intherewasanattempt

The video was from TikTok, so it's kind of annoying with the guy singing his own made up lyrics as he describes the problems with the home. You can just mute the audio and get the gist of the issues with the home without listening to Pavarotti make your ears bleed.

Anyway, he goes through the whole house and shows the examples of shoddy workmanship and cheap fixtures that are strewn through the home.

It's pretty bad too.

Floor joists are loose, shower heads wiggle, the tub is tiny, the stove is wobbly, the light switches are incredibly inconvenient and there's a barn door into the bathroom that just looks super cheap. As a matter of fact, one Reddit user named mle32000 made this comment: 'I recently purchased those exact same barn door rail/hardware kits for my closets. They were literally the cheapest ones on Amazon lmaooo'


And another Reddit user, Designer_Candidate_2, said, 'Most of the ridiculously expensive houses I've been in (I'm a welder) have been lower quality than some of the old Sears kit houses I've been in (four in total from different decades).

I live in Austin, Texas, and the house build quality is notoriously low here.'

Lots of other users chimed in and said it could just be a VERY expensive neighborhood, which is also possible, I guess. Still though. $1.8M for THAT?!?

Take a Zillow tour of the entire home HERE.

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