Jacob’s Well, a popular diving spot located an hour outside of Austin, Texas, may seem like just a fun tourist destination. However, it has a very dark history.

This perfectly round artesian fountain is actually a sinkhole that is fed by the Trinity aquifer. The perfectly clear, cold water makes it a very popular spot for those looking to beat the Texas heat. On the surface, it looks like your typical sinkhole, but the bottom of the well is made up of a series of chambers.

These chambers have made Jacob’s Well not only a place for a quick dip to cool off but also a common place for divers to explore.

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The chambers are known for their difficult navigation, housing false chimneys, and very tight passageways. Unfortunately, these are the things that have turned the well into not only a fun diving spot but also a watery grave.

The first recorded deaths within Jacob’s Well happened in 1979 when a group of friends from California decided to go on a diving excursion. Unfortunately for two of them, it would be the last dive they would ever experience.

Kent Maupin and Mark Brashier decided to dive into one of the most difficult parts of the well. Deep in the chambers, there is a passageway that is only 15 inches wide, requiring the divers to take off their oxygen takes and pull them in separately. After making their way into the small space, they never resurfaced.

One of the bodies was later recovered in 1981, but the second body wasn’t recovered until twenty years later, in 2000. These were only the first of several other known deaths within the depths of these chambers.

Only licensed divers are permitted into the well’s chambers, but if you care to visit the landmark and do some light swimming, you can do so between May 1st and September 30th with a reservation made online.

You can find more information about visiting Jacob’s Well at hayscountytx.com.

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