I don’t know what I just saw, but you can bet that I’ll never intentionally set foot in this woman’s home.

While I used to be a skeptic when it comes to ghosts, I once lived in a house that convinced me that without a doubt, ghosts do exist. I never saw anything, but my roommates and I all heard the same strange sounds that couldn’t be explained.

I always felt like I was pretty blessed in that I never saw anything, unlike the woman who shared this video on TikTok back on April 28.

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Marlene Ana White of Oklahoma City said she felt like someone was watching her while using the toilet. That’s when she saw what appears to be a toddler in the shower and started filming. She opens the video with the question on everybody’s mind right now – “what the hell is this?”

As you might figure, a lot of people suggested it was a ghost, such as one user who asked her if she had had a miscarriage. It turns out that she did, in fact, have a miscarriage back in 2013 with a 25-weeks-old baby (I just got goosebumps while typing that).

Others suggested it may be some sort of demon, posing as a child to appear harmless in order to gain her trust prior to wreaking havoc – which is exactly what the ‘toddler’ did, judging by part 2 of her video:

She and her husband eventually got the house cleansed by a priest, which she documented on her TikTok account.

I realize that it’s possible the video could be a hoax. Regardless, it’s creepy as hell and not for anyone who is easily freaked out.

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