About a month ago we visited with Kay'lea Talbott, who works with the Lubbock Humane Society about a rottweiler she found abandoned, covered in ticks and missing his back right leg. Now, Tank is much healthier and getting around again thanks to a special wheelchair.

Thanks to our amazing listeners, the money to get Tank his own special canine wheelchair was raised in less than a day.

Kay'lea and her mom brought Tank to the station this week and wow, what a difference a month makes!

Tank had Ehrlichia, which is an illness related to ticks. But he is all healed, putting on weight and literally zooming around in his wheelchair.

A party will be held for Tank and his buddy, Wylie, a Heeler mix who was found with him, at Three Dog Bakery, located at 5214 98th St. from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday, May 16.

Wylie didn't leave Tank's side at the site where they were abandoned and hasn't since. Tank and Wylie are now both up for adoption and, if adopted together, the Humane Society of West Texas will discount the adoption rate. Tank is just over three years old, and Wylie is five years old.

It's obvious they're a great team, but Tank's forever family will have to be aware that he is a special needs dog who needs extra attention. Our hopes and prayers are that there is just such a family who will give Tank and Wylie the kind of life they deserve.

These little guys got a really bad break and need to know there are loving, caring people who want to treat them right.

See Tank before he got his wheelchair

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