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As the trainwreck known as 2020 keeps on a-rollin', we get word that "Tiger King" star, animal activist, YouTube celebrity, amateur dancer, and suspected husband-killer Carole Baskin has announced that she is bisexual.


Baskin, best known for possibly feeding her ex-husband to a cute and cuddly feline friend, made the announcement that she is just as attracted to both cool cats and kittens, and has been since the 1980's. TMZ reports that the Big Cat Rescue owner has always considered herself as "dual nationality", and feels she may have been "born in the wrong body".

Speaking of's that ex-husband of yours, Carole?


Admit it, there was nothing more cringeworthy than her run on "Dancing With The Stars" this season...even though it was mercifully cut short. Are there any actual STARS that want to participate in this nightmare anymore? Yet another reality show that should ride off into the sunset, especially since Tom Bergeron got the heave-ho.

Ironically, this actually gives Carole some common ground with her nemesis and tormentor, Joe Exotic...who Carole claims is not a good ambassador for the LGBTQ community.

(Phone Rings) Oh...I'm sorry, that was Captain Freaking OBVIOUS on the line. Of COURSE Joe Exotic isn't a great role model for the community, but at least he didn't feed his partner to a Bengal Tiger....allegedly.

This is one of those moments when people who desperately try to hang on to some semblance of notoriety would be better off remaining in the shadows.

(Neither Joe Exotic, nor her first husband could be reached for comment on this story.)


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