"Variety" reports that ABC is working on a TV show based on the 1989 John Candy comedy "Uncle Buck". In the movie, John played a mess of a bachelor, who had to babysit his brother's three young kids.

It's still early in development, so there's no word on any casting. But John can't return, because he's dead...and Macaulay Culkin probably won't be back, because he's in that weird pizza band right now.

Of course, Macaulay isn't a kid anymore...so that wouldn't really work anyway, unless they gave HIM the role of Buck.

If this thing pans out, it would actually be the second show to be based on the movie.  CBS had an "Uncle Buck" sitcom back in 1990...but it was terrible, and barely lasted one season.

Here's the AWESOME intro to that show:

Coincidentally, NBC was trying to turn another 1989 comedy..."Say Anything"...into a show, but they abandoned the idea when the director, Cameron Crowe, announced that he was NOT cool with the idea.

Here's the trailer to the original movie: