Bummed out that Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ all-too-brief 2012 spring concert tour didn’t stop by your hometown? Well, according to a new video message from Gainesville, Fla.’s favorite rock star, you (and we) might get a second chance very soon. 

By all accounts, the cities that were blessed with a Petty concert were treated to quite a spectacular time, and the singer starts off the video by explaining he had a blast as well: “I want to thank everybody, this American leg has been some of the best fans we’ve ever seen in the audience.”

He then goes on to state he’s excited for the band’s first European tour in over 20 years, which kicks off June 7 in Dublin and winds down on June 30 in Mannheim, Germany. Hopefully the band is able to get their recently stolen (and luckily recovered) guitars overseas and back without much fuss.

Looking at our calendar, those plans leave a whole lotta summer for another round of touring, which is why the closing line from Petty’s video message (which also finds him playing some stray blues guitar) is so encouraging: “I betcha we’re gonna come back to the states, not long after that.”

Watch Tom Petty’s Video Message


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