When the Dallas Cowboys were 2-3 after a loss to the Patriots Tony Romo was oozing confidence. 4 more losses later, Romo still believes.

With his imminent return to the starting lineup Romo made sure everyone knew his intentions were still the same.

For most teams, it would be ridiculous to think that after a 2-7 start there would be a chance to make the playoffs, much less win the division. This isn't most seasons. It will take help, but it's feasible that the Dallas Cowboys, with Tony Romo at the helm, could be tied for first place in the division in just three short weeks.

If the Cowboys go 3-0, the Giants lose two, the Eagles lose two out of three and the Redskins lose two of three, all four teams in the division would have the same record: 5-7.

That's a lot of losing to rely on, but that is the new normal in the 2015 NFC East.

The main ingredient to change the fortune of this season for the Cowboys has been thought to be Tony Romo. The losing streak started when he went down, so the thought is that his return will bring back the good fortune of the first two weeks.

All Tony can do now is win. If they keep winning, they might win the whole f***ing thing.

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