Double dates are great for new relationships and for teens, and for connecting with people in the same life "mode" as you are.

Normally, I'm not a double date type of person. It seems a little forced and artificial. But under the right circumstances, it can be a lot of fun -- especially if you're sick of being the couple that hangs out with single people. Single people party too hard and it's hard to keep up. (That's actually a lie I tell to seem like a nice young lady. Bring the party ON single people, I love you.)

If you're looking for some great double date opportunities here in Lubbock, here's a list mostly provided by the good people on the Lubbock Reddit Page:


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    Go to the Drive-In

    Stars & Stripes Drive-In is a great spot for double dates. You get plenty of time together since Stars & Stripes always gives you two movies to watch, and there are ample delicious snack foods and places to hang out if the car gets too foggy.

    Pro tip: Set up chairs or even an inflatable mattress in the back of a pick-up. Just don't forget that only cars can park in the first couple rows.

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    Bowling is a great activity for even-numbered groups, and depending on when you go, lane rentals in Lubbock are really inexpensive. And from what I can tell, every place in town serves beer, too. A+!

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    Wine Tastings at Your Favorite Vineyard

    Lubbock has at least four wineries that hold regular events and tastings that I know of: McPherson, Llano Estacado, Caprock and Pheasant Ridge. Following their respective Facebook pages has shown me that at least one them has something special every weekend, and most of them are open other times as well. To make it really fun, be sure to try a tasting or wine flight. Take notes and compare your palette with your friends' palettes.

    red wine in glass with red grape close up
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    Disc golf

    Lubbock actually has multiple disc golf courses, and while mastering the sport is quite difficult (and expensive), you can get started for casual playing inexpensively. Academy Sports has low-cost starter disc sets for around $20.

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    The Range

    The Range is a golfing range, but really much more. It's not like a stuffy paw-paw golf course. They offer washers and a lighted range, in addition to Crusty's Pizza, live music and ice cold beer.

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