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Crime and policing will be a major campaign discussion for all candidates running for the Lubbock City Council. That includes those running for mayor of Lubbock. While there's still plenty of time for mayoral candidates to file to run, the Lubbock Professional Police Association has found their candidate.

A press release over the weekend from the Lubbock Professional Police Association announced the organization has endorsed Tray Payne for Mayor of Lubbock. The group cited Payne's "proven record of working with law enforcement" as part of the reason for the endorsement:

Tray Payne has a proven record of working with law enforcement and brings a thorough understanding of current issues and proven solutions to the real problems of crime and violence our citizens and police officers face every day. His experience, work ethic and honesty provides the best opportunity to make Lubbock a safer city to live and work in. We also feel he will be highly effective addressing non-law enforcement related issues facing the City of Lubbock and look forward to him confidently leading the community into the future.”

Payne recently appeared on KFYO News to discuss his campaign, and a major part of the discussion revolved around what the Lubbock Police Department needs in order to help cut down on crime. According to Payne, the Lubbock Police Department needs to hire more officers, focus on active policing and engage people more often.

Payne believes that through active policing it will lead to more interactions which could lead to more investigations and a crackdown on crime in the City of Lubbock. You can listen to Payne's latest interview on KFYO here.

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