Based on the recently announced tracklisting for Van Halen‘s long-awaited ‘A Different Kind of Truth,’ it seems that (at least) a third unreleased song based on demos from early in the band’s career, ‘Bullethead,’ will join the previously revealed reclamation projects ‘Tattoo‘ and ‘She’s the Woman‘ on the record.

According to the Van Halen Encylopedia, ‘Bullethead,’ also known as ‘Bang Bang,’ was played at a club show in 1977 as well as once or twice on the tour in support of the group’s 1978 self-titled debut album.

As heard in this unofficial (and therefore unverified) YouTube clip, ‘Bullethead’ is an uptempo barnburner, with a young David Lee Roth working hard in the most stylish way possible to keep up with Alex Van Halen’s frantic drumming (check out his solo at the end!) and get the verses finished before Michael Anthony‘s piercing “Bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu bullethead” choruses.

If this song is indeed destined for the new Van Halen album (due Feb. 7), the question is whether they keep it mostly intact as they seem to have done with ‘She’s the Woman,’ or re-write it a bit a la ‘Tattoo,’ which originated from a track known as ‘Down in Flames.’ We’re guessing either way, most people are going to like this one better than the overly didactic Van Halen ‘III’ track ‘Ballot or the Bullet.’

Hear Van Halen Perform ‘Bullethead’ in 1976