Everyone loves a bargain and Goodwill is a great place to find all kinds of used treasures for a fraction of the cost. From lamps to paintings, toys to baby beds, you can pretty much get anything your little heart desires from a local thrift store.

Sometimes, though, you come across some questionable items that you probably won't take home with you, no matter the price. Dirty undies, stained Tupperware or, I dunno, an urn full of a dead person's ashes.

TikToker @macymweeks allegedly found a green urn while shopping at Goodwill that appears to be holding the ashes of someone's loved one. Or, perhaps, not-so-loved one, as they ended up on the shelf at a thrift shop.

Check it out:

All of this only reminds me to be nicer to everyone I know so that I don't end up on the shelf for sale for $3.99 after I die. Granted, there are a few people out there I'd like to drop off at a resale store...but still...

Who knows? It could be a pet, hell, it could even be old cigarette ashes. But it looks pretty suspect. I'd like to think the urn just ended up there by accident after an estate sale. Perhaps it was mistakenly tossed into the donation pile while someone was doing a little spring cleaning.

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It kind of makes you wonder just how close Goodwill inspects the product they throw on their shelves. It also makes me want to write a horror story about someone bringing home an urn.

Their home, suddenly haunted by the ghost of whoever the hell it is, and they don't discover the ashes until it's too late.

But I digress.

Gross. And for everyone out there reading this, I'd advise you to continue to be kind to your family no matter how obnoxious they may be. You never know what they might do with you after you croak.

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