I don't know if it gets your car cleaner just because you're in there longer, but the official Guiness World Record's Longest Car Wash is now open in Katy at the Buc-ee's because why not.

In the video above it takes over 4 minutes from when the car enters the car wash to when it hits the dryers at the end some 255 feet away. So next time you're down south in the Houston area...no never mind. I don't think it's worth the drive just for a car wash.But you do whatever you feel like. It's a free country.

I would, however, like to mention to the fine folks at Atlas Obscura, the blog where I first read about said car wash, that if you get your car dusty cruising around Palo Duro Canyon, you're not then driving to Houston for a car wash. That's like 12 hours away. This is Texas, after all.

Ball's in your court now, Might Wash.

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