We know that snow in Lubbock isn't new, or even really rare per se. It may not be annual, but we've been through plenty of blizzards. But it came as a shock to the people of New York apparently.

The New York CBS station, the biggest CBS station in America, posted a video to their Facebook page exclaiming their surprise at snow in Texas.

Hey, New York! I know if you're not from Texas, then you truly have no idea how massive our state is. I get that. I'm not even going to hold it against you. But did you know Amarillo gets snow practically every year? And they're not too far away from Lubbock, at least in Texas terms. And Lubbock has seen way more snow than what feel last weekend, too.

So while you may find it crazy that it snowed in Texas, we know its just part of living here. It can snow one day, and be 80 degrees the next. Thanks for thinking of us, but we're not surprised. Must have been a "snow" news day. Next time, just send some driving tips to most of Lubbock's drivers and we'll call it even.

(I also think their Facebook Live video was just a stream of our local CBS station, KLBK. It looks like it's from their tower cam.)

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