I learned a new term today.

"Rolling coal" refers to someone who has modified a diesel truck in a way that increases the amount of fuel pumping into the engine, which results in uncombusted diesel fuel coming out in a menacing black cloud of sorts. Backing the tailpipe up and dumping carbon monoxide on someone, or into a room, unexpectedly is basically the name of the game. Icky, and it probably didn't taste great with spicy ketchup.

There's no word on why someone felt the need to disturb the group of people eating at Whataburger that evening. Perhaps it was a disgruntled customer or maybe just a teenager trying to show off for his friends. Either way, it's raised quite a few questions across the internet, and the footage has been viewed nearly 1 million times.

One commenter asked: "Ain't that like attempted murder?" That does make you wonder just how harmless a prank like this could be. Another commenter mentioned that someone tried to prank their friend by smoking out his car in such a manner while he was sleeping, which led to his death. Carbon monoxide poisoning is no laughing matter. According to the CDC, at least 430 people die every year in the US from accidental CO poisoning.

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How would you handle this situation if your family was having dinner at Whataburger that night? Laugh it off and leave the restaurant? I guess that's pretty much all you could do here.

Is this prank worth jail time? Probably not, but it's pretty rude. I've never heard of anyone doing anything so stupid, but I guess I'll give them a few points for creativity. The black cloud of fog is pretty creepy to watch billowing through the door during the spookiest month of the year. It's not a ghost, though -- just another a**hole trying to be funny.

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