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Last month, we gave you an update Vizo's African Bar and Restaurant. The update at the time was for fans of Vizo's not to worry, since the restaurant's owners said they planned on re-opening in a new location and that hopefully there would be another update soon.

We now have that update, thanks to the folks at Lubbock In The Loop and our own Kelsee Pitman.

The sleuths at Lubbock In The Loop are reporting that Vizo's will re-open at 34th and Flint Avenue. While there's still no re-opening date set, the fact that they have a new location picked out is great news for all the fans who've been waiting to hear about what will happen with the restaurant.

If you never had the opportunity to eat at Vizo's African Bar and Restaurant, you've missed out. Vizo's opened back in 2019 at 4930 South Loop 289 and things were running smooth and business was doing really well. It was opened by two Texas Tech alumni and their goal was to share the food and culture of Africa with Lubbock. Vizo's was the only African restaurant of its kind in Lubbock and the staff was always glad to make a recommendation.

In 2020, Forbes released a list of the Top 100 Places to Eat In the United States and Vizo's came in at number 99.

In November 2021, Vizo's suddenly announced that they would be closing temporarily, but would be coming back and re-opening in early in the new year. After that didn't happen, fans kept checking the Facebook page hoping for details. That's where we learned last month that the owners were still looking at making a comeback.

We'll update you more when we learn more about the all new Vizo's.

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