Fido's fighting for friction in this video of dogs trying their hardest to stay standing on patches of snow and ice.

Man's best friend is loyal, energetic, playful and courageous; it's just a shame then, that they can't do much while on solidified H2O. Above you'll find a video packed with 62-seconds of great footage of poochies on the ice.

The thing that gets us the most is that we don't know whether or not we should feel sorry for them or laugh. It's tough when you see them earnestly trying to navigate the frozen terrain, looking for a spot in which their paws won't slip out from under them. But then we realize that it's so adorably hilarious.

And even though we feel bad, we absolutely adore the fatter pups with legs that just completely splay out. After a while, they all start looking like big blobs of fur with tiny little legs jutting out. It's totally adorable.

If this were an Olympic event, you can bet that some of these canines would get gold medals for the Butt-Slide, the Frantic Slip and for Ice-Spinning. But perhaps our favorite dogs on the ice are the ones who fall down and then just completely give up, resigning themselves to their fate. We hope that doggie snowshoes never become a thing so that we can chuckle at these guys over and over.

Watch the video above and take a break from reality with these doggies.

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