By now you might have heard about the 4-year-old who hugged a sculpture, which then fell and broke. And the community center wants the family to reimburse them for the value, which they claim is $132,000. I'll tell you why this is wrong.

In Kansas City, Sarah Goodman and her family, including her 4-year-old son, were at a wedding reception at the Tomahawk Ridge Community Center. It's a public venue that allows public and private gatherings of all kinds of groups.

The center had this sculpture in a public room, on a pedestal, completely unprotected and unsecured in any way. There wasn't even a stanchion or rope around it as a deterrent. Now, I agree parents are ultimately responsible for their young children. However, if you operate a public facility that allows lots of public people to wander through unguided, such as at wedding receptions where people are milling all over the place, you should know to protect valuable items.

If you choose to display extremely valuable objects where you know you won't have any control over the people wandering around near said items, you protect them. Even a simple rope around the art stand would have kept this from happening. They have them as you can clearly see two of them next to another piece on display in the same room.

So you have the necessary minimal protection to guard people from getting too close to the expensive stuff, and yet you purposely choose not to use it, and then allow lots of random people to roam freely throughout. I think it's YOUR fault if something gets broken.

I've had parties at my house and I put away anything easily breakable, whether it was expensive or not, because I know accidents happen. And if you leave fragile stuff precariously perched on a basic stand and without any form of barrier, then I don't feel bad for you if it falls and breaks. You have to know and plan for the fact that most people don't pay attention, and often don't care about other people's stuff. The center is negligible, and the family shouldn't have to pay for the whole thing.

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