One of Texas Tech's greatest football players to go pro, Wes Welker, will be the subject of an episode of the NFL Network's series, "A Football Life." And a lot of other Texas Tech players are in it, too.

The NFL Network has a really cool series called "A Football Life" where they do a biography of some of the game's greatest players. Texas Tech's very own Wes Welker is the subject of the next episode which will air this Friday (Oct. 6) on the network.

Plus, some Texas Tech faves like Mike Leach and Kliff Kingsbury have roles in it too, since they were there with Welker during his amazing tenure at our school.

It also follows his dream career in the NFL playing for two of the game's greatest quarterbacks ever, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. If you don't have the NFL Network, I'll give a recap of the episode next week.

Check out the awesome preview here:

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