Well, it's good to know that we keep such dignified company around here...

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You may remember a few months back, when some heartless crackheads, ERRR opportunists, disabled a couple of our fleet vehicles at Townsquare Media by making off with the catalytic converters of both the KFMX truck, and the KFYO vehicle...

Stolen catalytic converter

Needless to say, this was mildly inconvenient, and expensive, and we all wondered of any other high profile vehicles could be targeted, since nothing was safe anymore.

Well, now. We have our answer. Courtesy of 8 News Now in Las Vegas.



So yeah, while making an appearance in Sin City, a really limber crackhead made off with the (extremely oversized) catalytic converter of the world famous Oscar Meyer Wienermobile.

The rolling wiener was parked at a hotel, when the pilots of the giant meat product discovered that they vehicle was inoperable. The wheeled weenie was then towed to a local repair yard, where the missing catalytic converter was discovered, and a repair was made to get that doggie rolling once more.

Obviously, this is just apart of an epidemic of catalytic converter thefts nationwide. The fact that they would go after such a well known weenie wagon means that literally nothing is safe anymore.

But, the idea that the beloved Oscar Meyer Wienermobile suffered the same criminal fate as that rolling fix-it-ticket known as the FMX Truck does make us feel as if we have been elevated in the eyes of the world. This is a connection that we don't take lightly, and can sympathize with Oscar Meyers plight. Therefore, we wish to invite the Wienermobile back to Lubbock where we can share our stories over a couple of steaming weenies. Plus, we highly doubt that someone here will try and make off with their catalytic converter once again.

Here in Lubbock, that giant wiener will probably wind up on cinder blocks after they jack the wheels.


FMX Truck

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