I'm well within the "Lubbock or Leave It" camp. I LOVE my hometown, I love the small town feel, small town commutes and small town friendliness combined with big city amenities and a world-class university. I'm proud to call Lubbock my home.

But, let's face it, any town could do better, and Lubbock is no exception. I did an informal poll of my friends to ask them what they thought Lubbock's resolutions should be:


  • 1

    For the Love of God, Please Merge!

    This one came up in several comments but Gabriel Armorsmith said it best:

    Take your right-of-way.
    Stop sitting still waggling your hand at me to go.
    If I go and you hit me, it becomes my fault.
    No. Just go. It's your turn. Just go.

    Also related: fix the potholes and don't drive into houses. Seems pretty logical.

  • 2

    It's Okay to Be You, Boo

    Lubbock needs to love itself. We are special. And my friend Comic Bob (of Star Comics) says it best:

    Identify and cultivate an identity unique to our city. Stop comparing everything about our community to DFW and Austin. Embrace what makes us unique. This includes all of the above (arts, entertainment, commerce, etc...)

  • 3

    Tip Appropriately!

    This is a Lubbock thing that irks the heck out of me. If you go out to eat tip at least 15%. But 20% is more appropriate. Cutler Shell agrees with me:

    Actually tipping servers and bartenders when we go out to eat!

  • 4

    Attend Existing Cultural Events

    Lubbock actually has a wealth of cultural things to do- including the incredible First Friday Art Trail, which is a massive monthly effort put together for YOUR benefit. Victoria Marie Bee:

    More attendance at First Friday Art Trail & similar events. it’s crazy to me how many people I met who have lived here for years & never heard of it. And support for the arts & music in Lubbock in general. Even just saving up $10 a month to spend on supporting local talent would help so much.

  • 5

    Make the Drive From the Airport Less Depressing

    Again, please remember that all of this comes from a place of hometown love. But the drive from the airport into town always leaves me with a sinking feeling in my gut. It's just so...crunchy out there. Coming home, or visiting Lubbock should leave a better first impression.

    Pris Renteria:

    I wish they’d do some beautification projects off of the interstate, obviously coming in from the airport and then the ugly area just to the east of the 1-27 flyover, so ugly!

  • 6

    Provide Bulk Pickup Service for Large Items

    Many large cities offer special days in which they will pick up large items. This would immediately give Lubbock a massive facelift. I dare you to go down 10 random alleyways. You'll probably find at least 2 mattresses, a refrigerator, a broken toilet or who knows what. Lan Holmes:

    I pay the same amount for waste disposal here as I did in the [DFW] metroplex, but there is no large bulk pick up service, including trees and leaves. This was all included in the utilities taxes and the neighborhoods were 1000 times better for it. I have never seen so many discarded mattresses and junk just around peoples yards for this reason.

  • 7

    See Texas Tech as More Than Sports

    Did you know Texas Tech has the winning-est meat judging team in the world? Did you know we rank among the very best in minority medical degrees? Did you know anything about Tech besides the sports program? I challenge you to see a play or art show at Tech, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Amanda Lee Spearman:

    Support the College of Visual and Performing Arts as much as they do the other colleges.

  • 8

    Support Your Scene!

    Attending local music events is good for your heart and soul- and it's a great way to ensure the vitality of the music scene in Lubbock. We have a huge musical heritage- can we not let down our forebears? Jeremy Couture:

    Spreading the word about local music, sharing artists content on social media, going not only to free shows but to shows that have a cover. The music scene in Lubbock is incredible yet no one knows about it.

  • 9

    Get With the Program- The Recycling Program

    I firmly believe recycling should be a city supported service. It should be easy and NOT require a trip across town. Owassa Walkinstik:

     Ive lived here for 20 years. 21 years ago I lived in St louis where recyclables are picked up in a blue bin next to the trash. You were fines if recyclables were found in your trash. Lubbock its time to catch up.


  • 10

    'Be the Change You Wish to See'

    YOU have the power to make things better. You can get involved in a community group or project that suits your interests, skills and style. Find your tribe, and as Holly Harper says, "DRINK LESS & WORK ON YOUR PASSIONS!"

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