There are a million books out there packed with relationship advice. You don't have time to read all of them...or, let's be honest, even ONE of them. So let's keep it WAY simpler.

What's the BEST relationship advice you can give in just ONE SENTENCE?  Here are six good examples from a post on Reddit yesterday:

1.  It shouldn't be you two fighting against each should be you two against the problem. (I think this one is the most important. You should always feel like a team. Once that's gone, so is the relationship.)

2.  It's not enough to love someone, you also have to like them.

3.  You can't control someone's actions, you can only control your response.

4.  Imagine you're breaking up, think about what you'd regret having done wrong, then acknowledge those regrets and make them disappear.

5.  If your relationship makes you LESS happy than you were on your own, it's not right for you.

6.  Marry somebody who laughs at the same things you do. (This one came in at number six, but to me it's number two. You've gotta have the same sense of humor. Or, as a guy, you should be able to make her laugh at the drop of a hat.)


What other relationship advice can YOU offer in just one sentence?

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