It’s almost that time again for some Red Raider football and who wouldn’t be excited! Football season is always a great time…Texas Tech Football, Friends, Family, Drinks, and who are we kidding of course Coach Kliff Kingsbury. (Easy ladies)

But wait, before Football season there is a Women’s football clinic. Such a great idea to help women get a better understanding for the game of football and all the proceeds go to the Jennie Bailey fund.

Yesterday was my first opportunity to be able to go the Second Annual Coach Kliff Kingsbury Women’s Clinic and let me tell you it was so much fun! Now this clinic is $60 and I know some of you might think that’s a little pricey…but what it includes is a cool t-shirt, drinks, and dinner! I’d say that is a perfect evening!

The clinic started at 5pm which was dinner and drinks

and around 6:30pm The Tech Football staff started giving us great knowledge about the Tech Football team. Offense, Defense, and Special teams just about everything they deal with, what they like to focus on, what helps the guys get motivated, and some of the technical terms for football. Now I (think) I can say I know football pretty well and I’m glad I knew what the coaches were talking about.


After talking about Tech football now was time to get going on some drills that the guys actually do for workouts. We headed over to the new training facility and boy let me tell you those drills are no joke! Needless to say, its been a good month since I’ve worked out so don’t judge!

We went to the weight room did some stations then headed over to the training room for a look around. They had contests and one was to see how fast somebody could wrap an ankle and a couple of the girls I know (Heather and Taylor) did an awesome job (I still say they should have won)!

Once that was over we did a quick Q & A (questions & answers). The new Facility is so nice..very impressed by it. Finally we headed out to the Jones Football field! Walking down the ramp was great! Now it was time to start doing more drills with some of the coaches and football players. Being on the field was pretty exciting and very tiring (I left my phone so i couldn't take pictures)

The football clinic was so much fun and I can honestly say it helps a lot of women know more about football! This year was raised $12,000 which is the biggest check written for the Jennie Bailey. And I mean what guy doesn’t like a woman that knows her sports!

Texas Tech Football season is literally around the corner and it’s going to be a great season for the guys! Everybody start getting ready to cheer on Texas Tech and Put your Guns Up!