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Why did Lubbock police tape a sip of milk to a door? No, seriously, I'm asking you.

I came across this incredibly strange and hilarious story while enjoying my morning coffee, which, to be honest, could have used just a sip of milk.

I am SO confused.

This morning I was leaving my apartment and noticed a baggy taped to my door with this white liquid in it. I checked my ring cam to see what in the world and was further confused as to why a Lubbock PD officer would be doing this.

I called the non emergency line (thanks to Kyle at dispatch) who told me they found it in an investigation, and thought it might be mine. I asked what it was, and he said it’s milk. It’s like a sip of milk.

Why? I have absolutely no idea. And no, it’s not my missing bag of a sip of milk. Mine was chocolate milk.

The comments on the original post are hilarious, too. My favorite is from the original poster:

I always order from

Another commenter asked if this was what methadone looks like. Methadone is pink and comes in a paper cup. Don't ask me how I know.

Is this a prank? A goof? Some fun spooky season mischief? If so, this is my favorite Lubbock police officer ever. I want to buy him a drink and get to know him better. I bet he has some excellent jokes.

This takes me back to attending Waters Elementary School in Lubbock during the era of milk bags. (I said milk bags, huh huh.) I got in really big trouble for participating in a milk bag throwing contest with my friends and was punished with having to go back to kindergarten for a week. I think that was meant to humiliate me, but I actually had a really great and relaxing time coloring. But I digress...

If this wasn't a prank, I'm sure it's the result of stringent protocol to return things to their most likely owner. Remember, one man's trash is another man's bag of one sip of milk.

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