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Stealing spiders? Is that where we are at in Lubbock? I know things have been nuts for a lot of people since the beginning of the pandemic and it's made some people a little crazy and led them to make poor choices.

Theft is a poor choice and it's always wrong. Even when people attempt to claim they were stealing out of necessity, it is wrong. It's also a crime no matter the cost of what was stolen. Some crimes make you think though. They make you wonder what was that person thinking.

That brings me to the story about a person in Lubbock who shoplifted from Walter's World of Pets located at 3020 34th Street. The person who shoplifted from Walter's didn't steal a turtle or a bird or even a snake. Instead, they stole a spider.

According to KAMC, the suspect knew exactly what he was looking for.

The report said the theft happened on Tuesday, October 12 and was reported the following day.

“[Someone] entered into store and asked employees for merchandise from the back,” the police report said. “[That same person] then grabbed the listed spider in its container … on a shelf.”

“[The person] then wandered around the store for a short while and then placed the spider in his front pocket and left the store with the spider without making any attempt to pay for the spider,” the police report said.

Now, I fully admit that I hate spiders. I have never thought about having a spider as a pet and would be perfectly fine knowing that were no spiders anywhere near me. So that could be why I just don't understand this theft.

Who the hell steals a spider? And if you are going to be someone who steals a spider, who puts the stolen spider in their front pocket? Unless this person was with PETA and believed the spider was living in jail and wanted to set it free, it makes no sense at all.

Now apparently Walter's sells Tarantulas which, yes there are people who like to buy those. I've never understood it, but I like to buy hats and guns and not everyone is into those things. That's what is great about America. If you love Tarantulas, you can go to Walters and buy one. A quick google search shows that some tarantula's like the Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula, whose existence is why I'm armed, can cost over $100. A spider that big certainly wouldn't fit in your front pocket though.

Shoplifting a spider, it's a crime that I just can't find a reason for. As of yesterday, there was no images of the spider stealer.

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