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Since the beginning of the pandemic, more and more people are ordering things online and having them delivered at home. And it's not just with Amazon. During the pandemic, apps like Door Dash, UberEats, and Favor exploded in popularity, and with that the demand that everything be able to be delivered grew.

But the future isn't someone bringing you dinner or some other product. The future is drone delivery and in two Dallas-Forth Worth neighborhoods, the future is now.

A company called Wings, is launching drone delivery service to a limited area in Frisco and Little Elm. The service begins on Thursday and is limited to four companies. Walgreens, EasyVet (pet medications), Texas Health, and Blue Bell Ice Cream. According to WFAA, the drone can carry up to 3 pounds.

Once you place an order, instead of a driver picking up your order, the product is packaged and secured on a Wing drone and then delivered to your home.

The app will then track your order's deliver as the drone makes its way to you.

When the drone arrives, it lowers your order down on a tether and unclips it.

Wing's drones can carry up to three pounds. Drone pilots monitor the flights but the drones fly autonomously.

So will Lubbock see drone delivery anytime soon? Probably not, as the Wings service is only available in limited areas of two smaller cities north of Dallas. But it's still interesting to think about and know that at some point it will be here in Lubbock and the skies will be filled with drones racing back and forth.

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