I got in my car this morning and realized that I needed to get some gas. So, I went to the nearest gas station and filled up with around 10 gallons for roughly $27, which is pretty standard right now. Then I got in my car, thinking nothing of it, and drove to work.

Once getting to my office, I turned all the lights on, sat down, and turned on my computer. However, my work computer just might be the slowest one I have even interacted with, so I typically open up TikTok to hunt for some good content while it boots up. I scrolled past all the usual cute animals, crafting, and random silly videos before coming across one that really caught my eye.

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The video showed a gas pump in an unknown location, but something was off about the screen showing the gallons and price. The pump said that there had been around three gallons dispensed so far, but rather than seeing around $9 for the sale, it said $0.07.

My immediate thought was, “why did I just pay almost $30 for not even a full tank, and this person is getting theirs for so cheap?” Of course, my groggy morning brain caught up to me and realized that it must be some sort of glitch on that person’s pump, but it still felt unfair.

I went to the comments on the video and saw that the woman who posted the TikTok, Tiffany Hetrick, made a video response to one of the comments. I clicked on the video to see that she managed to get a full tank of 17 gallons for only $0.33.


Could you imagine getting a full tank for less than a dollar? I can’t even fathom that happening to me. I would be so concerned and probably go ask the attendant inside about it because I’d feel like I'm stealing or something.

All of the users that commented on the video were also confused, some even questioning if the screen was just wrong and the correct amount will still show up on Hetrick’s statement. Hetrick hasn’t posted any updates since the video showing the final gallon count and price of sale. So, I am going to assume that she really did only pay 33 cents for a whole 17 gallons of gas and will probably be telling that story for the rest of her life.

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