What is it about parking spots that bring out the worst in us?

Check out this sad pathetic ridiculous video of a woman standing in a parking space she's trying to hold while another driver is determined to pull into the spot.

Hmm, is anyone else having a Seinfeld flashback?

A man visiting Denver from Baltimore recorded the encounter, which we'd be willing to bet was better than any other sightseeing he did while in the Mile High City.

The woman and the driver have a not-so-friendly back-and-forth, highlighted by the woman standing in the spot shouting, "Move it, lady! You're going to run me over!"

Sadly, that woman was in the wrong. People cannot hold parking spaces in Denver without first getting permission.

We don't know how this ordeal ended, but, as the man who uploaded the video notes, the whole mess could've been avoided -- there was a parking garage right near them.

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