A woman named Maria Leiva claims to have had several "out of this world" experiences. According to the 51-year-old woman from Ramsgate, U.K., she has been abducted by aliens on numerous occasions while she sleeps. She's also found "weird bruises" and "punctures" on her skin, and has even woken up in random places with no idea how she got there.

According to The Mirror, the experiences began happening when Leiva was only 4 years old.

Leiva told the publication she has "always been able to see things in the sky, as well as actually seeing beings as well."

"I remember being sad at night and going out onto the terrace at my family home in Columbia and crying out to the stars," she shared. "I would ask them why they left me here, and I would tell them I wanted to go back home."

Leiva said she is sometimes woken up by "telepathic communications" in the early hours of the morning telling her to go to her window, where she will often try to record videos or take photos of "what is out there."

"I don't have any control over when it happens," Leiva continued, adding the aliens sometimes communicate with her in her dreams. "But, in the past two weeks, I have seen two flying objects in the sky up to three times in one night."

Leiva is often left with "weird bruises" on her body after the extraterrestrials allegedly visit her.

"I would wake up with marks on my body, bruises, finger marks, punctures in my skin and cuts as well, and this is how I'd know something had happened in the night," she said, adding her daughter has also had similar experiences.

"She believes she can see them, too," Leiva revealed, adding that her daughter saw her first UFO at the age of 10.

Leiva shared that at first, when she was younger, she didn't share her experiences with other people as she didn't want them to think she was "crazy."

"As I got older, I started to share little parts of what was happening with friends, but I didn't want to scare people. My parents knew what was happening, but it was something that would never be spoken about," Leiva added.

As for the types of things she's seen, Leiva claimed she once saw "a translucent watery type figure by a tree," as well as "beings who look like humans" but who "are just a little taller than average and have larger almond-shaped eyes."

Leiva's personal experiences and alleged UFO encounters have led her to become heavily involved in the UFO community, including attending conferences around the world.

"I speak to people who have experienced the same things as me, such as seeing UFOs and aliens," she said.

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