Would you be willing to pay $25 a month to be able to hit up UNLIMITED concerts? If so, check this out, because that MIGHT be the future.

There's a new app called Jukely, and here's how it works: You pay that 25 bucks a month, and you get to attend unlimited concerts at participating venues. You just show up the night of the gig, show your ID and you're in.

Naturally, there are a few catches, at least for now. The big thing is: It's currently only in New York City, where they have 17 venues onboard. More cities and venues will be added at some point going forward.

Also, it's only an iOS app right now...and at this stage, you have to request an INVITE to be selected for the service.

(What do you think? Clearly, you wouldn't be able to get front row seats at a Paul McCartney concert this way. And unless you go to concerts alone, you'd need to have friends with the app. FYI:  $25 a month is $300 a year. Worth it?)

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