So if you are from Texas then you know tamale season is THE season we wait all year round for. If you don't know what that is it's when the air gets nippy and all you crave is pozole, caldo de res, or arroz con leche. If you don't know what those are then I will give you some time to read up on those tasty foods you have to try this year.

Some of you might remember my journey to find the best tamales across Lubbock this past winter which was a very tedious, but tasty, experience. Well it seems that I might have missed some tamales that I could have had delivered straight to the Townsquare Media Lubbock building. Williams Sonoma has entered the tamale ring with their tamales but unfortunately this is one tamale I will have to pass on due to my personal budget.

If you love tamales and have $109.95 just laying around then by all means go ahead and order a dozen. No, I am not kidding they are selling a dozen tamales for $109.95 which, to me personally, is crazy high when I could just find one of the many local tamales and pay $20 for a dozen and a half. Just look below at the picture for those pork and chicken tamales with salsa.


No offense to their tamales but in my 29 years of being alive I have never heard of tamales with peas in them, sounds more like a beef stew from a can. I'm sure other Latin American countries have some of the other ingredients such as potatoes, zucchini, carrots, fresh mint and celery in their tamales. I think I will just stick to my oldest friend's mom's tamales, made with extra love and won't put a hole in my pocket.

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Would you try these expensive tamales? What are some of the most outrageous tamale ingredients you have ever seen in a tamale? Let us know in the comments.

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