A great local coffee shop is a wonderful thing. It's comfortable, cozy and a great place to meet up with friends for a well-crafted drink. Yellow House Coffee (3017 34th Street) is that great local coffee shop.

If you go by during their normal business hours in the next couple of weeks, try not to be too alarmed. They're closed for an extended break, but it's temporary, according to their Instagram page:

We will be closing temporarily after December 7th, until mid-January for training, some building maintenance, equipment care and a light refresh.  We’ll miss you, but we’ll be back before you know it.
In the meantime, look for some training days where we’ll open  the doors and offer you complimentary cups, and, of course, you can still get freshly roasted @oakcliffcoffee at local @shopmarketstreet locations. Stay updated with our progress here. We look forward to serving you with even better hospitality soon!

We can't wait to have you back, Yellow House.

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