In an interview with, Yoko Ono said, “I always thought that I was an important musician."

She added, quote, "If you don't have that confidence, why would you go on and do it? People accuse artists of being narcissists…of course we are! If we don't like ourselves, who's going to like us?

"No one in the world liked me, everybody hated me, but still I went on."

She also admits that she didn't fully appreciate John Lennon’s talent until recently.  She said, quote, "I never said, 'Oh John, you're such a genius.'  I never felt that way. I always felt we were equal in what we were doing.

"And when I heard all his music last year, I thought, 'My God, he was a genius!'"

Witness the "music" of this "equal" to John Lennon:

I believe I speak for all Beatles fans when I say, "Shut up, Yoko."