If you're not familiar with Patrick Mahomes and his video game-like playmaking and statistics in real life, you can now get familiar with him in the hit video game, Madden 17.

You still probably can't make the plays he makes in real life, though.

Mahomes was released in Madden 17 as part of the Madden Ultimate Team feature, where you can get all of the first round picks from the 2017 class. Mahomes is rated as 97 overall on his "Elite" card and an 82 on his "Gold" card. Check out the whole list here.

Above is a random Madden 17 player using him on MUT.

Mahomes boasts some pretty good attributes, with 98 throw power and pretty solid accuracy. He's also moderately fast and agile.

If you don't want to earn him in the MUT feature in Madden 17, you can create him yourself using this handy guide:

See Patrick Mahomes in Action With Texas Tech Below

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