We know he can keep the beat well enough to dance with himself, and he's also a good person to ask when trying to decide whether it's a nice day to have a white wedding. But if you think you know everything about Billy Idol, you might find a few surprises in this edition of You Think You Know Classic Rock?

For starters, many Idol fans may be shocked to learn that back when he was still just young William Broad, the future star was a British Boy Scout -- at least, until he was kicked out of his troop for conduct unbecoming a member of the organization. What do you have to do to get bounced from the Scouts? Billy found out, and in the above video, so will you.

We also delve into Billy's longstanding love of a certain classic late-'60s hit that proved the soundtrack for his passage into manhood, and which he'd later cover and turn into a major chart success of his own -- as well as the night the Rolling Stones inadvertently gave him the inspiration for the title of his 1983 'Rebel Yell' album. Plus, there's the story of Billy's brief association with his own idol Lou Reed, and how it ended with him shrugging, "F--- heroes."

We've got all those little-known passages from Idol's charmed life, in addition to the tale of the time he nearly ended up sharing screen time with Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of the biggest blockbuster movies of the '90s. To hear all the details, just watch the video at the top of this post and see how well you know Billy Idol.

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