A new scientific report states that bath toys like rubber duckies are probably filled with germs. Which shouldn't be a surprise because they suck in dirty bath water and are never cleaned. So it might be time for new bath toys.

In a joint study done by Swiss and American scientists and reported by Time Magazine, the insides of bath toys that you can fill with water are havens for a lot of bacteria, including Legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

For those of you who aren't doctors, those are really bad bugs. Basically, you need to throw away those types of toys, or make sure you clean them somehow with bleach or another germ killer so your kids don't get sick.

Now, it's wise to keep in mind that most of us grew up with similar toys and survived our childhoods just fine. I would just keep this info in mind, and if your kid gets sick a lot it might be a good thing to throw those toys out for new ones. But you do you.

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